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Continental Airlines Reviews

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  • loss luggage

    They loss my 2 checked luggage and ruined my 2 weeks of vacation by causing me to miss my connecting flight and rescheduling my flight over 3 times. I would not recommend this airlines to any of my family or friends. All the pain and suffering i have experienced is so great but they didnt compensate me for any of my 2 bags which it has been over a week. More...
  • complaint

    My name is Teresa Patrick. I was scheduled for a flight on 1/9/12 from Nashville, TN to Houston, TX then connecting flight to Lagos, Nigeria. My confirmation # is JSDF74. I arrived 3 hours ealy at the airport in Nashville because of the international flight. i found out at about 1:30pm that my 2:37pmflight would be delayed. I asked the man at the desk if i could take another flight so that i wouldnt miss my connecting flight, he informed me that it would arrive at 6:10pm and i would make my connecting flight. My flight from Nashville arrived at about 7pm. My connecting flight was... More...
    tpatrick77's Picture   tpatrick77    0 Comments   Comments

    I bought a ticket for a family member with my one pass Credit Card for a family member. I have owned the one pass card for over a decade. Flight from BWI to SAN. She had a weekend bag that was not a problem on her way in to San Diego. On her way back, she was asked to check in by a continental Employee who singled her out. Delayed her for nearly an hour. Called other employees to watch her. Others stopped by to asked what the matter was. Just for a checked bag she insisted not to check in. It was not a suit case, look like a duffle bag in comparison. She had checked in from home.... More...
    Zigzag007's Picture   Zigzag007    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charge

    My wife and I flew to Orlando and were charged 240,000miles Panama Orlando had only one other couple and coming back the seats were half empty until they brought down 3 other from the cabin. Stil had 3 or 4 seats vacant. I believe double charging is unfair. When I lodged my complaint with Copa they said Continental was the culprit. I don;'t like this. I plan another trip in 5 day. I will bring 4 more people with me. More...
    peternb's Picture   peternb    0 Comments   Comments
  • Reviews

    Write a review, complaint or questions about continental. You could get answers directly from employees that work there. If you have tried Continental have a question about them or want to recommend them then you need to make sure others know about your review. MeasuredUp has the consumer audience and tools that gives you that power. By putting your review on our site we let other consumers see it. This leverage often compels a company to address the review and contact you. MeasuredUp is partnered with leading companies that work with us to improve their customer service, manage... More...
    measuredup's Picture   measuredup    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flight review

    Had a great flight on Continental airlines and i wanted to say thank you for making sure that customer service on Continental is valued. Flying is so expensive and their are so many ridiculous delays but the employees at your airline really seem to try and make customers feel like their choice in airlines matters. Thanks Continental airlines and keep up the good work. More...
    slim's Picture   slim    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merger

    I am wondering if this Continental and United airlines merger is a good thing for customers. Airline travel is so unpleasant as it is that one would hope customer service would be a valued part of this merger. I would think the combined resources would mean more customer service but you never know it could mean they cut it back. Does anyone know where i can learn more information about the Continental and United airlines merger More...
    seth's Picture   seth    3 Comments   Comments
  • Review

    I am waiting for a member of Continental airlines customer service team to respond to my review that i wrote yesterday. I have been a user of Continental for some time and am very annoyed that i am having so much trouble connecting with Continental customer service. Please respond to me. More...
    mmmmm's Picture   mmmmm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Continental airlines

    As a loyal Continental customer i am appalled by how i was treated on a recent flight by an employee. I know that times are hard and customer service is not what it was but with all the choices i have in airlines i would think that customer service would be the best way for an airlines to try and keep passengers. How can i speak to someone in customer service. More...
    Joe11's Picture   Joe11    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stranded

    On august 4 i took a flight from Newark to Rochester ny.. On the way back I had a flight at 350 that same day. They delay the flight 3 times. They eventually cancelled the flight due to mechanical problems. The gate posted 615 and I had headphones on. So i didn't stay near the gate. At 630 I called my travel agent and they said the flight was posted for midnight. Then i went outside to the main desk where they were understaffed and were only willing to let me stay the night at some dumpy motel. I had to be back the next day but they wouldn't help me find another flight. So... More...
    Jtanenbaum's Picture   Jtanenbaum    0 Comments   Comments
  • LATE!

    Very dissapointed and very inconvienced on our flight 7-15-10 from MKE to CLE. Flght was 5 1/2 hours late. We were in an airport until after midnight which meant our destination pick up was after 2:00 am. My husband had a business review meeting the next morning and I was cheated out of precious time with my grandchildren because of lack of sleep. When you spend over $700 to fly such a short distance for 3 days taking almost 6 hours out of that time is very upsetting. We would like some compensation (free ticket e.g.) becaulse our family lives in Cleveland my husbands business is there and... More...
    MWEN's Picture   MWEN    0 Comments   Comments
  • Continental

    Continental Airlines recently lost a bag of mine filled with irreplaceable possessions. This bag was a carry-on bag –not a checked bag, a carry-on –and was moved without my knowledge or permission from the overhead bin. No one has seen the bag since. This took place on my way to Rhode Island to attend the graduation ceremonies for members of the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women. The First Lady, Mrs. Bush, was scheduled to be there and so, due to the nature of the events, I had packed some good clothes and jewelry and decided to take everything in one carry-on. A flight... More...
  • Keep the same price, keep the coming schedule

    When I flight usually I use Continental Airlines and I don't think its fair what is happening right now. I bought the ticket from Boston to Costa Rica long time ago for July 31 coming back August 16. I have to leave earlier b/c my daughter needs me there. and I am trying to use only the one coming back on August 16. Why do I have to pay again for another ticket if I am going to use it. I need to come back as schedule but I am not going to use it going there. Please let me know your answer I will contact other people to find out this anfairness. More...
    Blanquitica's Picture   Blanquitica    0 Comments   Comments
  • Continental airlines customer service

    On April 14, 2009 I bought a package deal (flight and hotel) from Due to the CDC and US government warnings I contacted Orbitz on 4/30/09 to cancel and ask for refund. Orbitz promptly refunded my hotel money and told me Continental was not giving refunds. I contacted Continental on 4/30/09 at 7:35pm and they refused to give a refund but offered to give me a credit for less than half my money spent if I used it within a year. I asked to speak with a manager and a fellow named "Tony" told me my money would not be refunded and the CDC was "just a... More...
    amanda1010's Picture   amanda1010    0 Comments   Comments
  • Continental customer service Cancelled flight, lost baggage

    We arrived at the airport at 3PM Friday for our 5:10PM flight from Houston to Philadelphia. The weather was bad and we waited for 4 hours for our flight to finally board only to be told that there is no pilot available to fly the aircraft because he will exceed the limit for the number of flight hours (probably because plane was diverted and waited in another city for the weather to get better, that was just my assumption,no further explanation was provided by the flight attendant). We waited in line at the service center desk for another 2 hours, but the earliest flight we can get on was... More...
    Frequentflyer's Picture   Frequentflyer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unfair pricing

    I am a government contractor working for the US Army at Kwajalein Atoll, because Continental is the only airlines that stops at this location it is charging a fee for travel at about twice the amount just to travel to Honolulu compared to Honolulu to anywhere in the continental US. It seems like we are being over charged just because we are serving our country. More...
    USContractor's Picture   USContractor    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stolen Property From Checked Baggage

    On February 10, 2009, my wife was returning to Tampa from San Diego. She had been on a bachelorette cruise with a college friend who was getting married. She wanted to do something special for me for Valentine's so she decided to purchase a bottle of Crown Royal XR from the duty free on the cruise (only $140 there compared to $180+ retail). Unfortunately when she opened her luggage back in Tampa, the box in which the Crown Royal Bottle was in was empty. Stolen from her bag. And the thieves knew what they were taking as well, since they did not take a bottle of wine which was also in... More...
    KahnsHotDogs's Picture   KahnsHotDogs    0 Comments   Comments
  • Continental's Rules Don't Apply

    Continental's flight was delayed leaving Killeen due to a mechanical problem on the inbound flight. As a result, my son and granddaughter would miss their connection from Houston to Ontario, CA. No coach seats were available on later Continental flights out of Houston for two days. Continental charged an additional $638.00 (for which I paid) for them to fly the same evening out of Houston on a later flight in first class. By doing this, Continental refused to abide by their own Contract of Carriage which states: E) Schedule Irregularity 1) Liability - Except to the extent provided... More...
  • It is soooo unfair

    My mom n dad had taken a flight from delhi(INDIA) to newark, with a connecting flight from newark to cincinnati. They missed their connecting flight from newark to cincinnati as their delhi to newark flight had reached newark quiet late. It has been two days and these continental guys are alloting them night flights only ; which gets cancelled each time. About 5 to 6 flights are available during the day time, but each time they allot them only the night flights. The airline has not even provided any accommodation to them. It is highly deplorable on the airlines part and this action is... More...
    Apuraman's Picture   Apuraman    0 Comments   Comments
  • very helpful phone customer service personnel

    I recently had two occasions to phone the Continental Airlines customer service representatives to request help. Both times I found the representatives to be very helpful and to try for more than one solution in order to respond to my need. In the first situation, I needed an immediate flight for a family medical emergency and was offered a compassionate fare and immediate booking on the most convenient flight. The second contact was made last night when just as I was finalizing some reservations, my computer crashed. One back on the Continental web site, the flights I had been booking... More...
    nunion's Picture   nunion    0 Comments   Comments
  • Continental is the Worst Airline...

    Continental is the Worst Airline Ever!!!! A couple weeks ago, I had a flight booked and paid for on Continental from NY to Tel Aviv. I arrived at the airport and I was told that I did not have a seat on the plane and it was over sold. The ticket woman was actually very pleased to let me know there was a good chance that I miss my flight (and parents anniversary) that night, despite the fact that I paid $1,300 for a reservation. As a frequent flyer, I have seen many oversold flights but never have I seen someone forced off the plan who did not accept the airlines offer. Unfortunately,... More...
    Brandon's Picture   Brandon    0 Comments   Comments

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C4Brissette says: (10 years ago)
Very good service on flight 2397 to Newark and 1766 to Fort Myers
But I don't understand why the drinks are 5$ US and 6$ CAN while the US and Can dollar has aan even value.
I expectto receive an explanation on this surprising interpretation of the exchange currency.
Thank for everything. Claude Brissette

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